Aka, Rachael

Aka,  Rachael
Research Topic:
Livestock Markets as Therapeutic Sites: evaluating third sector approaches to rural health in Wales
Research pathway:
Research Supervisor:
Dr Gareth Enticott
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My research will look into the value of Livestock Markets to support the wellbeing of the agricultural community, and how those within the Third Sector make best use of these sites to support the farming community.

This community is often overlooked, taken for granted and even worse targeted by special interest groups and blamed for many problems, often not under their control, nor influence.

Problems of isolation and mental wellbeing are well known, however Livestock Markets have not been extensively studied as places of social scientific interest, yet are valued by many as ‘life-lines’.

The project will be using Monmouthshire Rural Support Centre, based at Monmouthshire Livestock Market, as a case study.