Birley, Lewis

Start date:
September 2020
Research Topic:
China in the world-syttem
Research Supervisor:
Dr Charalampos Efsthopoulos
Supervising school:
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Research keywords:

My PhD thesis attempts to apply a new framing of core state power to analysisng contemporary China. Challenging the reduced concept of the core in world-sytems theory, I first propose to return to a more complex approach. Using the original work of Wallerstein and Arrighi I draw out five key thematic areas that are key to understanding core state formation and dynamics. I then apply these five thematic areas to a study of China between 2000 and 2022. My basic arguemnt is that China shows key indicators that support the view of China as a core state. However I argue that significant differences in the depth of Chinese governance compared to other core states, can be intepreted as historic advancements or adaptations in the general arc of capitalist state governance.